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If you’re struggling with your mental health, wellbeing or lacking support, you can contact us.

  • We provide digital and verbal emotional support, resources and coping strategies.
  • We can only provide support in the UK.

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If you like to reflect and write, you can contact us on any of our official social media accounts or by email.

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Response time: 24 hours

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If you prefer to talk on the phone, we can do just that.

Send us a message, ask and we’ll give you a ring. 

We will arrange a date and time which is most suitable for you and the volunteer.

Response time: 24 — 48 hours

More about our services

Who can contact Conversing Care?

If you live in the UK, 18 years old or older and struggling with your wellbeing, you can contact Conversing Care.

However, as we are local to Maidstone and know our communities well, we can support you better if you live in Kent or Medway. 

How can you help me?

Emotional support can help people in all sorts of ways. The main response we get is, “I needed to offload” or “Process” something which is personally very difficult. 

We may not always hold the answers but our volunteers will never judge you and are always willing to listen to anything which is on your mind.

We help people better manage their difficulties by:

  • Listening to them, acknowledging what they’re struggling with and being responsive to their needs.
  • Being resourceful with coping strategies and tools individuals can use to feel more confident in being robust and resilient to their problems.
  • Being consistent and accessible with our approach, so our service users feel they have support from another person who cares for their wellbeing.
Who will I speak too?

Everyone at Conversing Care are trained volunteers, dedicating their time to support others who are struggling.

We are all trained in different communication skills, have experience in the Health & Social Care sector and have robust procedures in place to support anyone needing emotional care.

All volunteers are police checked, vetted and monitored, so you can be rest assured the person you will be speaking to at Conversing Care is a decent, well-rounded individual who genuinely cares about you and your wellbeing.

When will I get a response?

Within 24 hours, 365 days a year.

If we’re experiencing high demand and we don’t meet our 24 hour target, don’t panic. We will always respond as soon as a volunteer becomes available.

Please feel free to contact us again if there is a time breach or contact us in another way.

Want to know more...

Haven’t quite found what you’re looking for or want to know more about our service?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Struggling right now?

If you or someone else feels unsafe or experiencing suicidal thoughts, please visit the Urgent Help page to find what actions you need to take.


All feedback, both good and bad, goes a long way in helping us correct errors and develop a caring and informative service.

For all feedback enquiries, please visit the Feedback page.

Working together

If you are a local charity or business who would like to consider link working, we’re totally up for that!

Email for all business and promotional queries.

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You can complete the form below and a trained volunteer will respond to provide emotional support. 

  • Please don’t send junk or promotional emails.
  • The more information you provide, the more we can support you.

Response time: 24 — 48 hours