Conversing Care

Providing a safe space to chat.

Everything you need to know about us

Conversing Care (Charitable Group) is run by a handful of volunteers, providing free and confidential emotional support for anyone in a distressing situation or struggling with their mental health, wellbeing or lacking support.

We also support individuals who may be experiencing a mental health crisis, thinking about hurting themselves or ending their own life.

We help people better manage their difficulties by:

  • Listening to them, acknowledging what they’re struggling with and being responsive to their needs.
  • Being resourceful with coping strategies and tools individuals can use to feel more confident in being robust and resilient to their problems.
  • Being consistent and accessible with our approach, so our service users feel they have support from another person who cares for their wellbeing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help those struggling with their mental health and wellbeing by providing free and confidential emotional support digitally and over the phone.

We do this by listening, acknowledging and engaging with our service users, supplemented with resources and practical support.

Our Values

To universally support anyone in a moment of distress or difficulty, our values allow us to provide a safe space where anyone can feel supported enough to express their difficulties in a safe and practical way.

Our Values are: Confidentiality & Safety – Responsive & Resourcefulness – Compassionate & Caring

Our Vision

We envision a society where people don’t feel their only option is to self-harm or end their own life because they don’t have adequate support or they are battling mental health issues in isolation. 

We want to operate in as many communities across Kent as possible, providing emotional support and resources to help people improve their wellbeing, mitigating their present and future risk factors.


  1. To be visible and accessible when someone feels like they have no one else to turn to.
  2. To help de-escalate a persons distress, which if left unchecked could lead to self-harm or suicide.
  3. Seeing a downfall in rates of self-harm and suicide within the communities we operate in.


  1. Recruit, train and retain a minimum level of volunteers so we can operate as intended.
  2. Link-work with fellow organisations, creating a safety net to catch individuals who may ‘fall through the cracks’ of other support networks.
  3. Complete our registration to the charity commission as a CIO Foundation, so we can continue to develop and expand our services, reaching more people who need our help.