Conversing Care

Providing a safe space to chat.


Supporting alternative ways of coping, our Resources can be personalised to suit your needs better.

If you need ideas or support on how to better self-manage, you can contact us to speak to a trained volunteer who will be more than willing to help you.

Trigger Warning (TW)

We use Trigger Warning (TW) tags to notify our users that content they are about to see can be distressing or triggering for some.

  • If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis or struggling to cope, don’t read resources marked and tagged as a Trigger Warning.
  • Only view and read content which you are comfortable to do so.

Struggling right now?

If you or someone else feels unsafe or experiencing suicidal thoughts, please visit the Urgent Help page to find what actions you need to take.


Common strategies and tools we can use on a daily basis to improve our overall wellbeing.

Crisis Management

Tools to be used during really difficult times or when you are experiencing a crisis.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Learn to remain ‘in the moment’. Help ground yourself with these mindful resources.

Anxiety and Stress

Calm and slow anxious thoughts and feelings. Find ways to ground yourself and reassure your worry with these coping strategies.

Relaxation and Sleep

High quality sleep clears our minds and gives us energy to do the things that matter most. Explore these resources to calm our bodies and improve sleep routine.